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 server down

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Rani Posted - 27 Mar 2004 : 12:08:10
admin why is the server been down of asianforum for the past 3 days uk time around 10-11 . its been down sky shea spikey finest me few others we cant access it around that time. whass goin onnnnnn?????? fix it plss :D

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admin Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 22:00:59
it relatees to me when u talk about the council and flexi time - damn i hated mornings and still do but going in anytime before 10 was like a dream job! the council makes people lazy! Ur doing well too bro, u better keep me updated with how things go, don't dissappear on me! We can definatey do lots together! Have u set-up web servers/mail servers etc? Why dont u start a mini hosting business? away from any chat rooms, advertise it on google? I know u tried but instead of giving people access to the unix shell why not develop a web based control panel?

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
BengaLTiger Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 19:00:42
Wow, I'm really happy bro and proud, reading your story. And the fact that someone of your age went through so much and yet made something of himself. Battling all the hazards and the elements. Took courage and steadfastness. You will gain nothing in this world, if your not prepared to suffer, and youíre an excellent example to the new breed of young Bangladeshiís. There are hundreds of talented, young Bengali people bro. And for anyone to read your story, would not only boost there confidence but help them in over coming any hurdles which they might encounter, or whatever problem which they may face. Our parents like you said bro, donít really understand IT, and we donít expect them to. Your right when u mentioned that they would prefer us to go into owning a few properties or leasing a restaurant. Saying "Computer fheto bhaat dibo ni?" lol instead to see us venture into other areaís. For your age bruv, and to come this far you have donít tremendously well. Hats down to you man. I wish I could be at the stage you are. Inshallah one day it might just happen. It was heart warming man to hear your story on your road to success and more success to come. Keep steaming ahead bruv lol.

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
admin Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 18:11:16
Lol, the story is pretty much the same here which is really weird!

I started off with my brother PC's which i used to just use to play games on, bear in mind I was 11 years old! He used to work in the weekends so i had to break into his room to play games! But i always used to screw something up and by the time he got back it all had to be fixed!!! But him being about 9 years older than me he used to have all the high scores in the games so I started trawling around files trying to see if I could find a way to change the scores manually cos yes i was a lazy sod even at that age!

I eventually found ways to change scores on games then change graphics so quite early on i started to learn graphic design in good old Paint Shop Pro! the more i explored the more things fell into place, this computer thing seems to be making sense! So i went back the the roots of windows and learnt about dos and the earlier systems, from there I started building computers. I kind of lost my focus at school cos of my interest in computers, I was in the top set for all subjects but i screwed my gcse's up and managed to only do Intermediate GNVQ IT, but who cared I still knew more than the teachers, the cut the long story a little short I applied for a job at my local council and I got the job as a computer analyst when I was 18 even tho there were applicants with degrees, I was quite lucky as i had a lot of hands on experience, as a hobby i learnt asp/vb programming/web design and dabbled pretty much all i could get my hands on like digital music creation, so from there I met my current business partner who set-up a technology company and i joined him, we started in a garage while i did the web site design and tech side of things he did the sales. it was quite a challenge as i worked during the day at the council, and then in the evening doing web design, but it got harder, we opened up an alcochol-free buffet restaurant to fund the Internet business which slowed down because of the .COM boom. So i started tro work in the restaurant too. I used to work at least 17 hours 7 days weeks, really tired me out, i would fall asleep anywhere - if uve read my posts about falling asleep you'll know! Me being bengali me my parents only understood the traditional business of restaurants so they were happy with that so i didnt tell them anything about the Internet stuff cos they wouldnt understand, ive tried explaining but they just look at me baffled! So eventually by using lots of publicity tactics we managed to get quite a few users on our Internet service, and slowly we started to expand by putting in our own servers and infrastructure, the restaurant is now on lease, i've quit my council job and work full time for the business, something that started off in a garage has with the help of Allah (swt) we've now got offices in Manchester, Development & Call centre in Scotland, a billing operations centre in Madeira and a new call centre opening in Pakistan. I'm 22 and i really do feel 50! Inshallah I wanna retire when I'm 25 and travel the world, but lets see how this new call centre goes, I'm going to pakistan hopefully in the next month or so to train up the staff and get a new developlemt team up and running. So its been quite a rough ride but I've managed to keep my head on! The sales and marketing stuff is even more interesting that the tech side, but the tech side is fun! Well done bro, its good to see another bengali doing well - cos there aint many in manchester with so much ambition!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
BengaLTiger Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 17:38:30
Rumour has it someone tipped the FBI off, claiming Foonet was involved in a large scaled Ddos attack against another network. But i know for a fact, due to footnets excellent reputation aswell as Paulís own rep, that maybe one of or several of his servers were compromised by some hacker(s). And taking advantage of foonets monstrous bandwidth to there advantage, totally crushing a network of there choosing. The FBI on the other hand would only get involved in such a matter, if they had a good reason to. Because these investigations cost money, and the company which was attacked, probably lost over $50,000 or so in profit, minimum. This could be a valid reason as to why the FBI should get involved and investigate. This is what it takes before the FBI would even bat an eyelid, and move there arse's. I suppose they got real criminals to attend to hey. But poor Paul man lol.

What made me choose UNIX? it started when I was like how you put earlier dabbling with my home computer. I was young, on the dole, chilling all day and messing about on my PC at night. I use to read a lot about information technology, and always intrigued about what was the new. And LINUX being the hype that it was, back then.
I was desperate to get my hands on a Linux distro. Since every famous computer magazine was talking about Linux, aswell as giving out free LINUX distroís with every issue. I thought, yeah Iíll have a bash at it. By then I was experimenting with NT4, and various tools, enumerating and breaking into other systems via open shares, and getting up to other mischievous acts. Like keeping myself updating on the latest exploits which were out for each operating systems. Childish stuff mainly. And Linux was known to be a hackerís operating system. And to become a big timer you needed to have some knowledge of a UNIX flavoured operating system lol. At first It took me some time getting my head around the whole concept lol .. the idea of setting up more then one partition to install Linux just baffled me to say the least, I went through a few formatting of my drive, before I reached my goal lol. To have it installed in once piece on your machine was like a dream come true. Once youíve cleared the rubble, all youíre left with, is a clean slate, waiting to be disturbed. So I spent my time reading and more reading, getting ever so frustrated, realising nothing made sense to me. But it took a good month or two of reading and testing every command, did I then like a jigsaw puzzle make sense of things. I really start to get the hang of things. I also read a lot of documentations the thing which intrigued me most was the fact that it was so flexible and diverse, all the tools, EVERYTHING WAS OPEN SOURCE AND FREE for one to tinker with, and modify to oneís own accord. I tried learning PERL, C, PYTHON, LISP, JAVA, and setting up my own FTP, NEWSERVER, AND FILE SERVERS. I Later installed VMWARE which allowed me to install Linux as a virtual operating system, without the need of repartitioning my disk. Having both windows and Linux running at once, was just sheer bliss. I loved it, and it only fuelled my interest in Linux even further. I use Linux mainly because my interest is mainly Networking, and UNIX being an excellent networking system, it allows me to adventure with ease. Also having it linked up to my Windows XP via a samba connection gives me create flexibility in my work. I can copy files with great ease from on operating system to another. I use it mainly to compile my .c scripts and modify our IRC CHAT daemon which is coded in C and based heavily on UNIX. Got accepted into my first job, on the ground that I was the only candidate to mention having some Linux/UNIX based experience. So it wasnít a total waste of time, which in so many cases i questioned. Admin i work for my local government, in corporate IT. Administrating our local intranet, business systems, council tax, payroll etc. Also involved in the backing up of these systems, writing little shell scripts to run jobs. And updating and maintaining our main website. I use CorelDraw, dream weaver and Adobe Photoshop. I do enjoy what I do man itís a laugh Ö its flexible, meaning I can come in at anytime because of the flexi scheme. Which is the biggest advantage? Because boys do I find it hard getting up lol. Overall Iím getting by very well. And always on the look out to do something new. Run my own business or something. I canít resist the temptations of spreading my wings now and again. Has to be done bruv.

I would love to get into sales and marketing. Iíd like to know a bit more on what you do admin. If you donít mind.

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
admin Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 15:29:28
Sounds like fun stuff! I used to do administration of windows nt/2000 networks/iis server/isa firewall/cache server admin/terminal services/citrix servers etc, i also did web design for a while and still do it now and then mainly in dreamweaver/photoshop, did a little programming but moved onto marketing cos its all good knowing the technical stuff but it's not making u a living. I work mainly in sales and marketing now.

Why did foonet get shut down? I didnt get into Unix, that really is mind boggling stuff, i dont know how u cope with it! but its good to know ur into it! Keep at it, u dabbled in linux? What made you choose unix?

The uplink bandwidth provider is BT for most of the network for this site i dont know as its hosted on a reseller account.

Where are u working now? Finding it interesting? Do you take care of any other web sites?

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
BengaLTiger Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 14:10:18
No admin, but there was this one time I was interested in hosting my own shell company. But the ever increasing problem of fighting off ddos kiddies, and the endless hassleís you get with providing UNIX shells to the public, Sort of put me off the idea. I have looked around and read upon various other companiesí providing dedicated servers, and reseller account. But anyway since Iím into this entire lark, and if you donít mind me asking so, how much you paying for your bandwidth and who's your uplink (ISP) provider? And how long have u been doing this admin? Did you hear what happen to foonet? About how the FBI did Paul over, confiscating his servers. I have done some various works for ppl in the past, helping with the setting up of IRC Networks, also helping them deal with flooders, hackers, and Ddos kiddies. I'm a computer operator by profession. My curiosity and ambition to advance in this field has given me the chance to express myself and gain experience with all aspects of IT and its uses, like from networking systems to web site design and system security management and implementation. You mentioned in one of your other posts, that youíre always brushing up your skills. Iím like that to, always curious learning new things, and expanding my knowledge. You know exactly bruv, that being in the IT business is like coping with British weather lol .. Your never sure when itís going to piss down on you lol, so youíre constantly aware of the ever changing ecology of the business. Always learning new things as well as facing new challenges. And we love challenges.

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
admin Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 12:59:48
BengalTiger, do you host your own servers?

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
admin Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 00:11:42
Yup, 25 of them dedicated, this one is on a reseller hosting package, keeps it away from the important stuff just in case this web server gets attacked at least the important stuff stays up and running.

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
BengaLTiger Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 21:12:22
dedicated servers admin?

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
admin Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 17:08:48
Bengali Tiger, I run a network of over 100,000 customers, i gotta come up with excuses every day to resellers!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
khushi Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 16:52:58

~~ aai re aai re khushi ~~
admin Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 16:47:33
Khushi!!! is that better!?

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
khushi Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 16:20:03
btw why do ya call me KUSHI.. its KHUSHI.. H kiyon kha jatay ho

~~ aai re aai re khushi ~~
khushi Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 16:19:27
he he he
dat was meant to be a secret
ah admin.. :p

~~ aai re aai re khushi ~~
admin Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 16:16:20
server was down cos kushi sat on it, not to worry, we've got the situation under control.

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
khushi Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 16:07:51
me was away anywayz so didnt bother me much :D

~~ aai re aai re khushi ~~
BengaLTiger Posted - 28 Mar 2004 : 15:15:14
Server was down hey? maintenance ai? hmmmmmmm :)

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
admin Posted - 27 Mar 2004 : 12:52:20
Sorry about that people, there was soome mainenance that had to be done by the server team and I wasnt keeping up to date with the schedule! Should be working fine today!

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