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 wud the past effect u??

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
fazzy Posted - 24 Mar 2004 : 14:31:47
wud the past of ur guy or gyal effect u?

*.*Faz*.* :)
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miss_foxy Posted - 07 May 2004 : 23:50:30
go on!!!

im foxy, fun and FINE!!!
maxi Posted - 06 May 2004 : 05:55:21
no.. i dont let it effect me.. cuz i have the will to make a better future.. :D

ô - I w⧠bôrÑëd IÑÑôçèÑt, EdùçâtiôÑ ruined mè - ô
miss_foxy Posted - 06 May 2004 : 01:25:57
hhhhhmmmm mr r got issues???

im foxy, fun and FINE!!!
Mister Relaxed Posted - 05 May 2004 : 15:38:45
still affects me each and everyday....haunts me and torments me....but not in my personal life....

"Lifes easy when you're me"
cats_eyes786 Posted - 05 May 2004 : 15:18:45
i think it is important that ur partner does knw ur past, especially if its sumthing that'll affect ur relationship...getting to knw sum1s past also gives u an idea of the person they were and how they've changed. if u knw sum1s done sumthing once and theyve regretted it, wud they be tempted to do it again????

Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun. :)
miss_foxy Posted - 05 May 2004 : 15:17:20

im foxy, fun and FINE!!!
Mizorganized Posted - 05 May 2004 : 14:55:37
getting back to the topic in hand....i agree with most of you...the past should remain in the past and your partner shouldn't be affected by it. However, his/her parents may not b so understanding...hence a lot of judging and misconceptions...but anyhow...its something that they (the parents) ought to deal with i think...coz no matter wat...that couple are in love n they are gonnna b the one who make their relationship work.
admin Posted - 05 May 2004 : 14:44:39
look at the time!!!! i havent had brekkie or lunch yet!

u posted it or what?!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
miss_foxy Posted - 05 May 2004 : 14:16:34
im starving too but what can one du, youll have to cum down to liverpool to have some. and im sure your hunger will defo go by then. ill be sure to post it though!

im foxy, fun and FINE!!!
admin Posted - 05 May 2004 : 12:33:01
(any chance of getting any of that pasta? im starving!)

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
miss_foxy Posted - 05 May 2004 : 10:35:43
your welcome mate.!

im foxy, fun and FINE!!!
admin Posted - 05 May 2004 : 09:40:18
ah, im glad someone understands me! thanks foxy!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
miss_foxy Posted - 05 May 2004 : 01:30:31
nah actually that made some sense, now what u mean!

im foxy, fun and FINE!!!
admin Posted - 23 Apr 2004 : 15:56:16
what do u mean would it effect u? Well ur probably with them cos of the person they are, i dunno whether it would affect me tho, but it would in effect, affect how they think and behave which will ultimately effect u but not necessarily affect u... lol lack of food makes me say weird things!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
Openminded_gal Posted - 23 Apr 2004 : 13:58:01
Yeah it would, cos in a way it makes them the type of person they are now.

So many guys are eligiable for dating but not many who reach the standard for the
lifetime committment of marriage.


khushi Posted - 22 Apr 2004 : 15:40:08
but inaya its easier said than done.
if u truly love someone and for some reasosns u cant get married to him/her.. den obviously it wud haunt u.

aai re aai re khushi
Inaya Posted - 21 Apr 2004 : 17:49:45
i think it duz 4 a lot of ppl but it sudnt its the past 4get the past n live in he present n look forward 2 the future..

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ALISHA_NIQ Posted - 19 Apr 2004 : 08:50:44
I think if you have a past, then you should let your partner know and hopefully it will not affect them, and it shouldn't. Problems can arise, if u have a past (then again everyone has a past) and it creeps up on you and your partner knows nothing about it.

Be honest from the start and it should not matter

"Live and Let Live....As LIfe is to Short...Never forget your roots"
Honey Posted - 25 Mar 2004 : 23:04:34
Sometimes its hard to let go of the past but eventually you do. Sometimes it is hard for someone else to let go of your past but they will and sometimes the past will let go you....

To live in the past is not the way to get to the future....
thats what i say.
sarah Posted - 25 Mar 2004 : 21:17:56
i agree wid babayraz u shud learn 2 carry on wid life!! u shudnt cry because its ova instead u shud b happy it happend!if u let ur past get 2 u how will u luk wats ahead u?
SKY Posted - 25 Mar 2004 : 17:48:07
No. Unless she had a past with me. If it was with someone else, I wouldn't care. If it was something serious like he hurt her, I'd mess him up. That's pretty much it.

MoMo Posted - 25 Mar 2004 : 17:03:23
I agree wid dat....da past is da past n watever happened or watever mistake u ha.....lern from it n move on wid it...cuz u did all dese tings 2 lern sutin wich shud help u build a betta future.n If dis guy or gyal had a bad past n lern from it n had mended his ways....thn tht wud b gr8 cuz it wud make dat person a stronger individual...n make dem b more careful.
BaByRaZ Posted - 25 Mar 2004 : 16:31:54
the past is past..its gne... n we shud lern from it... n it was a test!!! n we aint nefin can go rong newher in our lyf but ders always a solution 4 evryfin!!! my heads blank rite now...but jus take d days as it cumz....

Patthar Dil Posted - 25 Mar 2004 : 16:06:35
ha ha ha i've never let myself have a past, but im scared wot could happen in the future...
asaduddin Posted - 24 Mar 2004 : 21:46:26
no why should you look at the past, what u should be doing is spending time on writing r future together

Asad Uddin
Rani Posted - 24 Mar 2004 : 20:39:42
depends on how much u loved the guy/girl , it shouldnt effect u if uve left it all in the past

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