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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Lutonian Posted - 05 Apr 2004 : 21:59:11
Any gamers here who are into multiplayer games?

PC, Xbox Live or otherwise??

23   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Lutonian Posted - 19 Apr 2004 : 19:17:40
i knew u were gonna say that! ur wrong!

What came first - the chicken or the egg?
PrinceSs Posted - 19 Apr 2004 : 17:40:03
A CASH & CARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u evil evil boy!!!!!
Lutonian Posted - 18 Apr 2004 : 13:38:10
ok im tellin ya u STILL aint guessed right ha!
it fun bein evil hehe. dont worry tho u aint an idiot im sure - im jus messin wiv ya! :)
ok il give u another clue...i supply to retail shops (e.g. groceries, restaurants etc)

Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
PrinceSs Posted - 18 Apr 2004 : 12:32:00
FUN! IS IT? i feel like a rite idiot! i sitll havent worked it out, but my next guess im goin to take is either a takeaway, or u cater for weddings, PLZ PLZ if i still aint guessed rite TELL ME!!!!!!
Lutonian Posted - 16 Apr 2004 : 16:05:03
lol no but ur getting closer! its not a super market and not retail. keep guessing this is fun init?

Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
PrinceSs Posted - 16 Apr 2004 : 15:23:27
erm......... a "goostor dukhan?" sainsburys, tescos, asdas, i dnt no, well if ur being so secretive bout ur business, i suppose im not gona get any more out of u? go on tell me a lil bit more, i wana no who u r!!!!!!!!!!
Lutonian Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 23:15:47
nope...dont give up that easily...keep guessing! il give u a clue - ur on the right lines re thinking about food

Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
PrinceSs Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 16:15:36
hey i think i ruined ur callin all gamers thread, but hey s**t happens, is it a chicken and chip shop, a grocers, lol
im jus thinkin of all asain business's , i giv up, cum on lutonian, giv it away! PLZ
Lutonian Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 10:09:42
who knows? this forum hasn't got a 'who's online?' thingy as far as i know. i'm suppose 2 b working!

Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
ChiCcO Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 09:59:24
nice thx u teh only person online on this thing right now otehr then me?...
Lutonian Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 09:57:43
i can c ur post chicco!

princess it aint a restaurant. keep guessing!

Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
ChiCcO Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 09:49:18
umm ne one reading the posts here?is this thing even working???
PrinceSs Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 09:45:38
hey, Mr Popular, u wont b givin anythin away, cos i probably wont no u, and if i did is it such a bad thing?, go on tell me u no u wana! lol
so u got a business in luton? let me guess restuarante?
go on u can giv a few secrets away!
Mister Relaxed Posted - 14 Apr 2004 : 17:44:10
Counterstrike is a great game...

But ive been holding Pro Evolution Soccer competitions in leeds for yrs...and im still the legend!!
Lutonian Posted - 14 Apr 2004 : 14:02:27
ahh well that would be tellin now wouldnt it.

well ok 23 years old and i aint got any family at 6th form although a friend of mine does go there (well my mate's bro).

wat else can i say abt myself? i work in london and have a business in luton as well. dont wanna giv too much away otherwise ul probably know who i am (theres more ppl in luton who know me than i know!)


Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
PrinceSs Posted - 14 Apr 2004 : 09:56:38
hiya, well u hav guessed rite! i am studyin at luton 6form, unfortunately! well u live in bushmead, that is jus down the road from me, tell me lil bout urself, how old r u? do u hav any family at 6form, or friends? so ur into computer games, u need to spk2 my lil 8 yr old brother,hes a playstation freak!
anyways hopefully spk soon,
Naz x
Lutonian Posted - 13 Apr 2004 : 11:47:39
Well just went and ordered Splinter Cell 2 for xbox from so should be getting that within next couple of days. a mate of mine at work has got it and recommends it (for anyone who has played the 1st one) plus its got an interesting multi-player dimension to it.

hey princess how u doin? i am from luton (near bushmead to be more exact). wat abt u then? i c ur in college. would that be luton sixth form then? just down the road from me!

Happiness is an 8000rpm rev limit!
PrinceSs Posted - 13 Apr 2004 : 09:29:52
hey! for a minute there i thought u were callin my name, then i realised u were talkin bout playstations, im jus kiddin, so ur from luton and u studied at UCL! kool, where abouts in luton are u from? if u dnt mind me askin a million qeustions, if u dnt wana answer, then its kool
maxi Posted - 12 Apr 2004 : 08:38:22
Counter Strike
Unreal Tournament 1,2003,2004
Battle Field All Versions
All RPG's

Not at my home.. comp here sux! I have a cyber cafe where it's ment for multiplayer gaming but not online... only LAN... it's good enough :D I have been a customer for 5 years now so thats why i get a charge which is near "Free of cost" sometimes i do get free access :D
goku Posted - 12 Apr 2004 : 01:37:56
counter strike man!! dont get much time to play now tho - plus my pc bit s***e cant handle it!!

maxi Posted - 09 Apr 2004 : 19:51:43
yeah i am into it, why ?
Lutonian Posted - 07 Apr 2004 : 23:01:30
Ok well not much response!
london-finest wat games do u play then?
thinkin of getting battlefield vietnam for pc or splinter cell 2 for xbox. anybody played them? any reviews?

london-finest Posted - 06 Apr 2004 : 01:05:47
lets rock and roll

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