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T O P I C    R E V I E W
lilmill Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 11:03:05
Saturday morning and it's so boring.......

Hi by the way, how you all doin......

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sarah Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 13:18:51
lol im broed noe finestso cum on entertain me!!!!
MoMo Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 12:58:05
london-finest Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 12:12:25
hey bored iam not bored iam never bored so when u are wid me u will never be bored hehehehhehehehheeh sarah ahem ahem wink wink nudge nudge
MoMo Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 11:49:06
IM HYPER!!!!!........need 2 do sutin.....dont no wat tho?
BengaLTiger Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 11:26:57
yep, Sleeping sounds appropriate!!

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
admin Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 01:21:41
yup, sleeping sounds like a good idea at this time!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
BengaLTiger Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 01:16:18
HaHa!! Dont be confused bro, i'm not playing anyone here. Just being honest.

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
MoMo Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 01:13:49
lol!!!!...sounds lyk we've got a playa on da loose;)...hehe Bengel Tgier
MoMo Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 01:12:34
BengaLTiger Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 01:10:12
Who told you i have a gf sarah? do they know i remain single for each and individual girl. So it doesn't matter who i am with. I always remain single for that single person.

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
sarah Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 00:52:32
at dis moment of time nething will!!!
u think of sumthing..nething will do
admin Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 00:50:39
ok, what types of activities interest u?

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
sarah Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 00:32:13
u no wat im bored as well
let do sumthing!!!!!
asaduddin Posted - 04 Apr 2004 : 00:30:59
me to i is bored i need something juicy to read

p.s its sunday now

All you have to do is decide what to do, with the time that is given to you..........
admin Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 23:18:36
bored?! bored?! i have plenty of work lined up to keep u busy and excited for a lifetime! but then again, u might become bored of being busy, or bored of having things to do, or bored of being excited, cos its possible to get bored of anythign u do too much of, so actually being bored is inevitable unless... unless what? do u ever get that feeling when ur brain just stops working? well its just happened now. Its a bit like when Microsoft Windows crashes, u dont know when it's gonna happen, u dont know why it happens, but it just happens! and u gotta live with it!

There was lovely weather in manchester on friday but today it was pissing it down, do i wouldnt recomend coming to manchester just yet!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
sarah Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 20:39:45
lol yea dat wud b great!! yea bt i jst found out dat u hav a gf so wat happens now?
BengaLTiger Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 20:17:05
sarah, lol. You wanna hook up in manchester? my freind goes to uni there. Might hook up sometime and bump into our bruv Admin. Since you like him, you can hit 2 birds with one stones lol. :)

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
sarah Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 17:02:00
nooooooooooooooooooo dats too long de whole idea of me and u is driving me crazy!!!
i gt a new car las t week so let me com i hac 2 get used to it!!!! y dont we both cum 2 manchester!!!!???lol lol
BengaLTiger Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 16:58:25
No No you stay where you are gorgeous, because i'll come to you. I'm in birmingham, but dont worry i'll be with you in another 3 hours. Can you wait that long sarah?

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
sarah Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 16:33:19
lol lol dast a great idea u tell me where to come and ill come!!! it dosnt mattr if its rainin and evn if i fall i hpe 2 fal in ur muscular arms.
ur plan of the day is wicked jst let me get ready and find a torch!!!
so go on tell me where u live!! y wait!
BengaLTiger Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 16:28:32
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sarah sarah, oh dear sarah. I'm sure you have so much to do, and so many exciteing places to go. Because I wont risk taking you up a tree, its to dangerous. And besides its raining, and you might just slip off, and bump your gorgeous little head on something. I'll tell you what though, if your really really bored, i'll give you special access to my hidden den. Bring a torch light with you sarah because its very dark. We can sit there in the dark, talking about silly things, chew on gum. Chew, talk and more chewing, until you cant chew anymore, and your stomach is rumbleing and grumbleing, then i'll take you to your favourite eating place, stuff ourselves until we there is no room left in our stomachs for anymore. Then will cruise about somewhere in my little stripped, tiger mobile. And when your knackered, feeling sleepy. You can either decide to go home, or come back to my little den, where i'll tuck you in and read you a little bedtime story. And come the following morning, will go hunting little wabbits, and fry them in delicious wild mushrooms. After you’ve had your breaky, i'll take you home!!. How about it hey? :)

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
sarah Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 16:05:23
plz take me wid u to climb a tree or sumthing else coz i dont hav nething 2 do im bored out of my ass
BengaLTiger Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 15:12:35
s***ty weather in birmingham, might climb a tree or burn a few tyres. :)

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
MoMo Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 14:26:02
Cn....IM SO BORED!!!! need 2 do sutin...
sarah Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 14:01:29
im in boring old bradford!!
MoMo Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 13:36:32
LOL!.... Its pretty gud weather here.....sunny n everytin....where bouts u at sarah?
sarah Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 13:35:01
hi ppl
my saturday is always boring esp when the wheather is so bad outside,then u dont feel like doing anything at all except entertain urself with ur computer
MoMo Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 12:15:41
kool....itz midday here n im jst chillin.....watchin Matrix doin fine u doin lilmill?
Bachelor Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 11:20:57
Well, its afternoon for me and I'm just about finished with my work. shall be heading for home in another hour, got plans to hit the gym and the pool today. - Asian Forum © Asian Forum
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