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 RE: unfair removal of fcuk_hash

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Bungu_Lad Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 01:34:09
im just passing on a message given to me by fcuk_hash to the admin!

salaamz my "lovly" admin!

well, i like to apologise for my actions! i am very sry! although if u look n read that coversation proply, u will find that it was not me who started it! but hay, i still apologise!

but i think the comments u made about me were a little harsh and unture! u say i cant stop making silly comments, n i sware too much, n i use bad laguage all over the place! as far as i know, i may b went a little out of order just once in 39 posts that i have made! n it was only coz them to ...."wnt say it"...were asking for it! and i didnt realise there was a section just for dissing! i think u are being unfair with them comments! do u av something against me? coz u deleted all my abdul hashim posts b 4, n i waz cool wiv it, but now u delete my user! thats just not very fair! i think u reacted in a very unjust manner! i know that them 2 used a lot of bad language n went out of hand, but there comments were only deleted, n not there user! now i find that discriminating, is it coz there mods? do mods get treated differantly? are they allowed to say things that us "staring members" cant?

i think i am a very well behaved person, u can chk all of my posts, i av entertained many people on this forum, tryin to kip ppl happy n active! i also personally invited ppl to join the forum, n many of the members, both in high n low places r my friends, n if they find out ow unfair u have been, they will go on strike or even av a riot lol joke joke!

id just like to say, i am not tryin to get in ur good books or begging u to let me back in the forum...all im asking for is u 2 b fair n give my FCUK_HASH name bak wrking, n if it makes u happy, i wnt chat in the forum again! i can chat on here with n e other ID, but i dnt want to, itz the principle of the situation, coz i think u are very Iniquitous!

ur "gourgeous" member fcuk_hash

P.S...dnt delete this plz, iv chqed it 3 times just to make sure i havent swore, been silly or used bad language, coz i know u mr admin can spot things other ppl cant!

6   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
london-finest Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 23:21:41
lets see u too fight and admin if fcuk_hash wins the fight u give him mod na u give him forum admin

get it on boys
admin Posted - 01 Apr 2004 : 09:59:01
i can take u on hash but don't bring tanya with ya, she's a man-eater!

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?"
FCUK_HASH Posted - 01 Apr 2004 : 00:43:34
yeh sky, but i still got a score to settle wiv our lovley admin :)

I'ma bust as I'm rippin up 'nuff hits
n gues hu's bak? No longa trapd
Cuz I snapd on d 1's dat held me bak, feel d contact
Ride d track, get a grip as I flip
Ghetto wickedness I kick, gues hu's back?

SKY Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 02:21:00
You have your name back dude. =)

d p

Bungu_Lad Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 00:11:59
hay guyz, latest interview with fcuk hash, n he had this to say!

see there u go again admin, making false and untrue comments again! this is gettin silly now! i mean, ok ppl do overexagurate a little, but u, u seem to do it all da time! coz every time sum 1 writes ma name, they do not get the CU mixed up! im sry admin, itz true, u can go av another look, either u like lieing and makeing untrue comments or ur just seeing and reading things that no 1 else in this forum can or are! b 4 u mentioned it, only 1 person spelt it wrong, which waz i do not need to comment n e further on that!

and i still think that itz not fair and i am being victimised! every 1 else can choose their own name, y cant i! itz not like itz offensive to n e 1 or n e thing!!!! in fact not 1 single member has or has had a prob wiv ma name!

soooooo my lovly admin, i think u are wrong 98% of the time wen it cumz to my case! n y wry bout the other 3% eh!
admin Posted - 29 Mar 2004 : 10:55:31
i havent deleted ur user! changed it to HASH, didnt u get the email?

Same password - but username is hash.

Ive changed it because every time someone says ur name they get the CU the other way round.

"98% of the time i'm right, why worry about the other 3%?" - Asian Forum © Asian Forum
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