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 Yazz feeling down SOS

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Yazz Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 11:40:50
erm....this is new for me cuz im ususali the one dishing out advice to others....

around this time last year i went thru a really tough time with my ex(details i will hold back - cuz i dnt want ya'all to think bad of me).

I havnt really told anyone wat ive been thru,and try to ignore my past.

but right now im starting to feel really down, anyone got any idea of how i can pull myself back up?
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Rizzi Posted - 15 Apr 2004 : 17:26:47
hey help me out here ma mans cheatin on me. its f***ed me up bad i cant think straight. i feel weak n like im gonna have a nervous breakdown. i jus eep on breakin down everytime summink reminds me of it.
london-finest Posted - 03 Apr 2004 : 23:48:14
if he stalks u just as sky says get one of ur male frnds to sort u out or if u have a brother ask them for help iam sure they will be more then happy to help u in this matter, i remeber once one of my cousin sister was being stalked by her college class mates she asked me for help and i took my bro to have a word wid him and at the end my brother accdently broke his arms and then he never went near him
Yazz Posted - 01 Apr 2004 : 15:54:23
my dad doesnt really notice, but my mom has on occasions asked me whats rong, when i feak out a lil. all my boys r at uni now :o(

live and let live.....dont let ppl get you down!
Shea Posted - 30 Mar 2004 : 03:35:31
he stalks you? that is NOT cool if hes waiting outside your porch! i suggest you get yer big Male friends to intimidate his little butt off the porch! damn, thats pretty scary having a dude in your porch waiting. dont your parents say nothing?

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I'm in love with you (I'm so in love)
I'm in love with you... with you
Yazz Posted - 28 Mar 2004 : 11:50:55
i wud forget abt it all, if i could. but my life is a constant reminder. dont get me rong, i dont hate myself, cuz i knw i cudnt have stoped it, cuz Allah (swt) knws i did try. i wud forgive him, but i cant find it in my heart to. im keepin busy now, tryna keep my mind off it. its only wen he decides to sit outside my crib, it messes me up.

live and let live.....dont let ppl get you down!
Shea Posted - 28 Mar 2004 : 02:08:10
hmmm... you can either spend your time and energy hating someone or you can just forget them. if they still TRY to talk to you and you just diss em or something, that gives them attention, and damn, that just keeps em coming. Ignore him and he'll go away. On the other hand, if you still like him or love him, then I guess, find ways to get over him. After a relationship falls apart, two people arent the same as they started... they ahve either changed for the good or bad, but they are changed people. so yeah, i hope that helps, hehe, im on my friends laptop >.
I'm in love with you (so in love)
I'm in love with you (I'm so in love)
I'm in love with you... with you
MoMo Posted - 27 Mar 2004 : 23:08:45
lol...omg Yazz u sound lyk da pickiest gyal der is....n i understand...cuz ma Ex hurt me loadz n i spent da last few months h8in him n tryin 2 4get bout i realized it dint da uda day we started talkin n now we jst freinds....i feel free 2...ive found ma closure...I understand tht if he hurt u n u h8 him thn u wont wanna c him..i was lyk tht bt trust me..ull only move on if dat h8 n emotions settle n basically if u 4give n 4get.....jst tink bout how mch betta ur lyf has got widout him....n dont hold a grudge...
Yazz Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 23:27:05
lol aw bless sky. if u wanna knw wat i want my bloke to be like...u gotta check my perfect bloke thread! :oP

live and let live.....dont let ppl get you down!
SKY Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 23:21:13
Really? Guess I wont make the cut then....poopy.

Yazz Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 23:16:36
u guys made me cry!! only kiddn. my ex hurt me physically and emotionally so there is no way in hell would i eva confront him. i try and keep myself busy, but i doesnt work. im having to move cuz he wont leave me alone (bloody pendu!.gettn drunk....i dnt drink...and finding a cute guy....all the best are takin... :o( (plus im really picky abt the guys i date now)

live and let live.....dont let ppl get you down!
SKY Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 16:26:40
Here's something you've probably heard over and over, Yazz: always keep yourself busy. Be active. turn your negative energy into positive by participating in sports, or go outside, chill with your friends, watch a movie. Drown your depression.

Shea Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 16:05:05

yazz is a girl, NOT a guy, so her ex would have to be a 'he' and not a 'her'.

Anywho, yep yazz, there was only one girl i ever said "i love you" to and after breaking it off with her, i tried to pursue numerous other relationship (NUMEROUS!!!!) but I just never felt the same way again. My problem was that I always held her high on a pedestal and compared my new gf's to her. What I did was wrong, but I couldn't help myself. Also, all these little things reminded me of her, like the books she got me, and the sweaters, and the places wed eat at or the movies wed watch or even the school we went to. I think what you need is closure... it did wonders for me. We got together one last time and asked each other questions and responded and even joked and giggled about things. After that, i felt really free... like she had set me free... i had no more confusion and i moved on. I think a nice LONG CONVERSATION with your ex would totally help you out.

if you dont want to confront him... hang out with some friends! hehe, that always helps me, get a bunch of friends, head for the pool hall, get a little drunk, then catch some really late movie, and talk and jump around in the subway on the way back home! Along the way, you just might find some guy who you think is cute and you just might forget about your ex. hehe, its all a matter of the moment... you cant let things stretch over and consume you... but best of luck to ya!

I'm in love with you (so in love)
I'm in love with you (I'm so in love)
I'm in love with you... with you
BengaLTiger Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 15:00:03

I'll feel ya pain blud. When you lose the ones most dearest to you whether its your ex or your babies it does place a dent or mark somewhere deep deep inside ... and it is this feeling which keeps resurfaceing after being triggered off by some emotion or attachment of some kind. I've tried to cope with mine and since i keep my feelings burried inside me a lot, i do give this false impression that i dont have any feelings or i cope quiet well with them. But trust me i learnt one thing man over the years and its that you cant keep things inside you for far to long or it just eats at you man and the more anger that build up inside you the more you'll creep towards that breaking point. I know as men were full of this self pride and honour and we tend to leave things to late for anyone to even understand where we are coming from or we make out we dont give a s*** and we avoid the issues or we find it hard to express our inner feelings or come out from within ourselves and have the strength to say something which would make a difference. We love to bombard ourselves with materialistic things and keep trying to stay busy forgetting about the real issues, talking about emotions is not one of my main strengths and it never has been. But we each have our own ways of dealing with our emotions and feelings.

Anyway bruv i think i'm rambleing on a bit, bottom line is, if your still in contact with your ex talk to her but if your not and u have no way in contacting her then just hang in there man, BUT TALKING ABOUT IT TO SOMEONE MAN WOULD BENEFIT YA A GREAT DEAL

//////////////// [BengalTiger ] ////////////////
Serene Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 13:52:52
Think about all the things that made you happy before you met your ex, and try to do those things. It might help take your mind off your current depression.

Just pick yourself up and try again, I don't know the entire situation but if it was really bad, I'm sure you deserve better. Someday you'll find the right one.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
fazzy Posted - 26 Mar 2004 : 12:21:30
hey jus try n 4get bout it i kno its hard.....
try n move on....
go n do tings dat u enjoy doin.....
try nt 2 tink bout it...
keep urslf busy it alwayz wrkz....i bet u gt alot of spare time on ur hands dats y u sit n tink.....

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